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Steam Health Benefits

Most people believe that there are some health and beauty benefits to steam.  Unfortunately, there is not a massive body of scientific research that proves this point.  Often times, there is a gap in scientific knowledge because it has been hard to prove a given point scientifically, or a lot of research money hasn’t gone into the subject.  Steam is one of those areas.  Anyone can tell you that if they take a steam bath 4 days a week, their skin will look better.  When your skin looks better, you are more beautiful.  In most cases, beauty is a reflection of good health.

On a simple level, steam opens up your pores, which allows sebum to spill out.  If your sebum can get out once a day, your pores won’t clog up.  When your pores aren’t clogged, bacteria doesn’t form, which prevents acne.  Additionally, skin just looks better without clogged poors.  Steam also helps peel off the top, dead layer of the skin, leaving a smoother surface behind.  Smooth skin looks better.  There are a lot of topical products that do this as well — peels, toners, glycolic acid, and more — but they all iritate your skin along with peeling off the top layer.  They also create free radicals, which can age your skin.  Steam, on the other and, peels off the top layer without any side effects.

Another health benefit of steam is stress reduction, anxiety reduction, and relaxation.  Which are all basically the same thing, but I digress.  There are scientific studies that prove that lavender aromatherapy in a steam room reduces stress, but I can say from personal experience, people I have talked to, and studies I have conducted myself, that steam relaxes you. 

Since it is a proven fact that stress is unhealthy and can actually cause premature aging and serious illness, and it is a proven fact that steam relaxes you, I find it fairly certain that steam does indeed have positive health benefits.


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