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Steam Shower Benefits – Beauty

People have been utilizing steam showers to harness their cosmetic and natural health benefit for many years. While the concept of forcing yourself to sweat may seem unpleasant to some, it is important to understand the exact process that the human body goes through during a steam shower in order to fully understand it’s unique advantages.

Upon entering a steam shower the bodies thermal system begins to experience an increase in body temperature. The human body ideally maintains a temperature of around 98.6 F, systematic increases in room temperature fool the body into thinking it needs to lower it’s core temperature – resulting in increased blood circulation.

Once the body is no longer able to withstand the surrounding external temperature it begins to acclimatize internal temperature causing blood flow to be constricted and forced towards the skins surface – resulting in excessive sweating.

Unlike a conventional water rinse shower, which cleanses dirt from the skins surface, steam showers are specially engineered to remove dirt and impurities from beneath the epidermal layers. The practice of sweating to cleanse the skin works to soften skin by removing dead skin cells but it also helps to clear complexion by forcing toxins from skin pores. Those with acne or imperfection prone skin are able to substantial improvements by a steam showers ability to remove internal dirt and oil, without the use of harsh abrasive or chemicals.

The sporadic increase in basal temperatures, achieved with the use of steam showers, provides a healthful increase in blood circulation.  Medical research dictates that increases in blood circulation result in more oxygen and beneficial nutrients being brought to the skins surface.  Perhaps the most notable benefit of this concept is the enhancement of collagen reproduction, resulting in improved skin elasticity.  Artificial collagen reproduction is a costly and hazardous cosmetic procedure with unstable results. Regular use of steam showers are a proven natural alternative.

Another excellent natural cosmetic benefit of a steam shower is it’s powerful capability of aiding in weightless. When used in conjunction with healthy eating habits and a regular fitness routine, the application of steam is useful in cleansing toxins from internal organs and artificially stimulating metabolic function. When the bodies core temperature rises, the cardiovascular and immune system work to regulate temperatures (the same way it would while running, jogging or performing some sort of fitness routine) this helps the body to increase metabolism while burning calories.

Not only do steam showers offer a safe and natural alternative to many cosmetic skin procedures, they also provide internal cleansing powers resulting in a clean body inside and out.


Why Get a Steam Shower?

Women – and even men – all over the world generally hate to be in hot and humid places.  For most, the heat and discomfort is enough reason to avoid being in such situations or places.  But not all places that are hot and that cause you to sweat must be avoided.  Often, we have doctors, beauty experts, and spa enthusiasts recommending steam showers regularly and periodically taken.  Why?  Because steam showers are beneficial for the body and are a good beauty regimen!

Here are some of the reasons why you should get a steam bath regularly.

Beat the Acne Away!

Acne is one of the most prevalent skin problems and the easiest to notice.  And because acne affects every part of your body, most especially your face, it can be quite embarrassing as well.  Sure, there are a lot of acne medications around, but these usually lead to other problems like dry skin or an even worse acne condition.

Acne is primarily caused by blocked skin pores.  When the pores on your skin are blocked, it results in excess oil that can in turn cause acne, blackheads, whiteheads and pimples.  More than this, dust and dirt can also accumulate in your pores causing it to become more blocked.

Steaming the face and the rest of your body can help open up your pores, making it easier to clean away the dirt and dust.  It helps you control too much oil production by your skin.  Further, steaming your skin can help you get rid of dead skin cells! In fact, most health spas and beauty salons now include steaming the face as part of their facial care services to help control your acne.

Sweat It Out

The increased temperature in the room also causes your own body’s temperature to rise, and this leads to sweating.  Your sweat actually contains salt that kills the bacteria that causes acne and other skin problems.

What’s more, sweat carries with it different wastes from your body while also regulating your body’s temperature.  A lot of experts would tell you that sweating is vital to your health, making steam baths even more important because of most people’s sedentary lifestyles.

The fact is a typical person sweats around one liter of sweat during a 15-minute steam bath.  The amount of waste that is excreted through your perspiration in that time span is equal to the amount of waste the kidneys would eliminate working constantly in a 24-hour period.  For one, the body’s excess salt may be excreted through sweat.  The excretion of salt is also believed to be good for mild hypertension or anxiety.  Salt is also responsible for the production of urea, which causes nausea and headaches, among other things.

Another type of waste that is eliminated through sweat is lactic acid that causes general fatigue and stiff muscles.  Toxic metals like copper, zinc, mercury and lead are also flushed out via sweat.

Improve Your Circulation

Steam improves your blood circulation.  Remember that blood circulation is vital transporting nutrients to your body’s organs while also getting toxins out.  This means that poor blood circulation can be detrimental to your body’s overall nutrition and detoxification.

Specifically, poor blood circulation can cause clammy and numb feet and hands, poor healing in times of sickness, dizziness when moving suddenly, poor memory, varicose veins, and haemorrhoids, among many others.

Steaming is believed to expand your blood vessels and capillaries so that it is easier for blood to pass through, aside from the increase in body temperature simulating a cardiovascular workout, which also increases blood circulation.

Moisturize Your Skin

While water can dry your skin, steam actually moisturizes it.  Well-moisturized skin actually helps you fight skin problems like chaffed and cracked skin, pimples and acne. What’s more, because steam opens your pores, you can apply moisturizers and other tested and clinically proven skincare products and you’d be sure your skin gets to absorb more of it and lock it in, therefore facilitating better and more effective results.

Boost Your Immune System

When you have a steam bath, your body’s core temperature increases.  This makes your body think that you are having a fever.  When you have fever, your body produces more white blood cells to combat the intruders: bad bacteria.  This is because white blood cells are the basic unit of your immune system.

More than white blood cells, other antibodies like interferon are also produced.

In effect, your immune system is fortified when the body thinks that you have a fever.  In fact, a study conducted by Mayo Clinic has found that an induced fever increases your white blood cells by as much as 58%!

Burn the Calories

Due to the increase of body heat, your body also burns calories.  Your body’s cardiovascular system is stimulated by the steam and your pulse rate will increase rapidly.  This helps in sending blood to the capillaries and converting carbohydrates and fats into energy.

Commonly believed benefits of steaming

Aside from these, there are other commonly held beliefs about steaming that are not scientifically proven, but are empirically observed.  Here are some:

* It is widely believed in Finland that sweat and steam bath can increase the amount of milk produced by a lactating mother’s mammary glands.

* Body fat is believed to become soluble at 43 degrees Celcius, a temperature that you can achieve from steaming.  What it all boils down to is that with steaming, it will be easier to sweat the fat out of your system.

* Steaming has been closely tied to weight loss, but take note that this weight loss is temporary.  When you are in a steam bath, your body loses water rapidly and that is what is responsible for the weight loss.  When you drink water, you regain much of the weight you lost during the steam session.

Becoming healthier and more beautiful is certainly what most of us strive for.  And steam showers can facilitate in achieving both.  Fortunately, one does not have to visit a spa or health club to get the benefits of steam showers.  With Wasauna steam showers, we can now get these benefits right in our own homes!

Steam Shower by Trikeenan Tileworks

Steam Shower with Dual Ceiling Rain Showers

Steam Shower with Dual Ceiling Rain Showers

Modern Steam Room

Modern Steam Room

Modern Steam Room

Modern Steam Room in Orange County, California.

Another Steam Shower

Steam Shower

Steam Shower

Glass Steam Shower

Glass Steam Shower

Glass Steam Shower

This bathroom is worth a closer look – click on the image to enlarge it. A perfect example of an all glass steam shower fitting seamlessly into a modern bathroom design. Notice the custom wood paneling on the front of the vanities that matches the paneling on the bathtub surround, the overhead showerhead in the shower, the 4×4 tiles on the sink that match the tiles on the shower floor, and the sitting niche for applying makeup in front of the mirror.

Custom Tile Walk-in Shower

Tile Walk-in Shower

Tile Walk-in Shower

A very interesting bathroom design that combines the use of stone and travertine tile to create a walk-in shower and overall elegant and classic feel.