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Why & How To Build A Steam Room

Check back for videos and pictures of a steam room being built from scratch.



  steve wrote @

architect in las vegas… building a custom steam room in my house.

  Peter O’Connor wrote @

We have a steam room in a health club which is failing because of water intrusion. It seems as though the water is coming from condesation. The tile was installed over a membrane following what we believed are good installation practices. Any ideas about the wtaer? Doyou know a local installer in the Seattle area who could take a look at it?

  Maryann Ayer wrote @

Hey Steamyguy,

I am designing a steam shower for my brother in Seattle. We had planned on using glass blocks for part of the surround but are now considering tempered glass. What mm thickness is appropriate to withstand the temps? I’m also a bit concerned about Peter O’Connor’s remarks — what gives in Seattle?

Thanks from Steamygal

  David wrote @

Any suggestions for designers around the tri state NJ-NYC area?

  Andrew Hoppin wrote @

David, did you find anyone good in the NYC area?


  morgan wrote @

Anyone ever seen a structural steel pagodaésteam roomÉÉ

I`m looking for some insight on this project from anyone with knowledge in this field

morgan at

  David Lyon wrote @

We are designing and building a custom steam room and dry sauna for a client. We have not yet done one of these combinations yet. We would like for them to be side to side. My questions are more on the technical side. What type of units are best to use? What type of electrical is needed for each generator and unit? What type of plumbing needs to be ran to it? Do each of the units, the steam generator and the sauna heater, need to have dedicated circuits? Does the dry sauna need to be dried in, meaning with wonder board? What is the best type of material to use in each? What is the best type of door, and thickness? What is the best type of lighting? We literally are at a blank, and are needing to get this started. Thank you so much.

  Suzanne wrote @

I am working with an Architect on our new home. One of the unique features will be a Large shower that will have 2 sets of doors – one you access from the master bathroom inside the house, the other to and from the outdoors. ( A private patio with Hot tub) In essence a walk thru shower. We would also like to make this a steam room / power shower if possible.
First – it this possible and How ….. what would you suggest for Doors for the inside and outside? We live in Wisconsin.

  Rafo Caraballo wrote @

I would like to build a steam rooom in my house next to my jacuzy in my house how can istartert doing it

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