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Home Steam Rooms

Top 10 reasons to build a home steam room

 1) Increase the value of your home — bathroom remodeling projects return an average of 102% on their investment – the only home improvement project that return more than they cost.  Those are actually extremely conservative estimates.  According to a half-dozen professional appraisers that we poled, turning an old bathroom into a stylish, state-of-the-art bathroom will add $25,000 to the value of a $400,000 house, and $50,000 to the value of a $1,500,000 home.  A carefully planned bathroom improvement using mid-range fixtures and affordable but stylish tile can be done for between $10,000 to $20,000.  A steam room component alone adds $10,000 to the value of a $400,000 house and $15,000 to the value of a $1,500,000 home. 

2)  A home steam room makes you happier — out of 200 people surveyed with steam rooms in their home, 44% reported that their favorite part of their house was the steam room.  An extra 37% reported that the steam room was one of their top 4 favorite places in the house.  Being able to hop into a steam room is a simple pleasure that you will enjoy every day of your life.   68% of those surveyed stated that their steam room actually makes them happier.

3)  Look better — My wife has the most gorgeous skin I’ve ever seen in my life.   She says her secret is a vegan diet, a gentle cleanser, and daily steaming.  Its hard to do scientific studies of something as cosmetic as “good skin,” but there are some scientifically proven benefits of steam that indicate that it’s good for your skin.  One is stress reduction, because stress is proven to cause breakouts.  Another is cleaning out your pores.  Another study, conducted in Italy, indicated that individuals who steam reduces the # of visibly clogged pores by 40% after just 7 steaming sessions in a two week period.

4)  Impress your friends — I’m not sure how much of a benefit this really is, but it’s a fact:  your friends will be impressed (and a bit jealous) when they see that you have a steam room in your house.

So you can make your house better, improve your quality of life, and make money at the same time.



  Beverly wrote @

Do you have a magazine with steam shower designs – custom designs?

  Steve Smid wrote @

Good Evening I am Building a Steam Room In our Home On Vancouver Island Canada.I have in stalled a Kerdi Membrane over Cement Board and Kerdi Membrane over a Sloped Concrete Floor. I would like to install Large Glass Panels on the walls,My??????are How Thick Should the Glass Be,How can i put color onto the glass,How to atach the Large Panels to the Walls Thank You Steve From Canada

  Ann wrote @

Hi there,
We are at the planning stages of a bathroom remodel to include a steam shower. I went to pick out tile and the sales person said we should stick with ceramic or porcelain and avoid any natural stone like travertine that I was looking at. ? Then I went to another place who said the first place was wrong. Who’s right?

  Frank wrote @

I finished an upstairs bath with porcelain tiles that worked out well using the same tiles for floors and walls. I had bought a sample of affordable marble that had epoxy fillers, my tile man said marble is high maintenance so I stayed away. The tile man cut the trim pieces so I avoided the high cost for trim. I used travertine for my kitchen back splash and despite a sealer true to its porous nature seems to attract dirt especially around the sinks (my stove has a stainless back splash).

I am on this site since I want to install a steam shower and sauna in my basement and like the suggestion of a clean modern look avoiding the plastic units. If I can deal with low ceiling clearance will use a pump up system to reach a high sewer drain.

  Alan R Peters wrote @

steam guy
I am in the building a new custom house and would like to put a steam shower in it. Do you a steam shower designs or custom steam shower designs or now of any magazines with such information.
Thank you Alan

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