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Diary of a Steamist

I’m embarking on a 30 day mission to learn more about steam.  I will be accompanied by my loyal girlfriend, a 7 megapixil digital camera, and a true dedication to increasing mankind’s knowledge of the universe. 

I haven’t entered a steam shower in about 6 months, so this should provide true photographic evidence of the effects of steam. 

 Day 1
Before photos
After Photos
Notes: Entering a steam room is an interesting experience.  If you’ve never been in one before, it’s actually hard to breath.  The air is so thick with steam that you have to slow down your breathing.  At first, you can actually feel like you are going to suffocate.  Once you get used to it, it’s no big thing.  Anyway, after getting used to the heat, I started sweating.  The gym provided shaving ravors, so I grabbed one and experienced one of the easiest shaves of my life.  I didn’t even need to use shaving cream.  It didn’t occur to me until after I shaved that this could mess with my before/after photos, but I will try to use pictures of the areas of my skin that don’t grow hair.  After I got out of the steam room I looked at my skin in the mirror and there was visible sebum coming out of my poors (sebum is the little gunk that causes blackheads).  That pretty much ended any doubt I had that steaming clears out your poors, after all, it’s not often that you look in the mirror and see sebum.  Anyway, my poors tend to clog rather easily so this might not happen to everyone.  Hopefully, after 30 days the before/after pictures will provide all the data we need.



  steve Z wrote @

I only see the 1st day. Did you write the other 29? How do I access them? Thanks

  Jeff wrote @

They are ‘pores’ in your skin, not poors. Regardless of your proofreading I would be interested in reading your completed 30 day diary. When will it be made available?

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