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House Music in Scottsdale

DollHouse Lounge has opened in the Scottsdale / Phoenix area – an upscale lounge environment built around dancing, house music, and generally having a good time.  You’ll find the staff of Steam Room magazine there on a regular basis!


Teres Nail Bar

Looking for a place to get your nails done in the Scottsdale / Phoenix / Arcadia area? Check out Teres: A Nail Bar. Teres offers the comfort and feel of a high end day spa with a fair pricing model and excellent customer service.

Steam Shower by Trikeenan Tileworks

Steam Shower with Dual Ceiling Rain Showers

Steam Shower with Dual Ceiling Rain Showers

Steam Shower Video

This is another steam shower made by Wasauna. If you can’t view the video on this site, try it at The video does a good job of demonstrating features that modern steam showers are offering.

Custom Glass & Tile Steam Shower

Custom Tile & Glass Steam Shower

Custom Tile & Glass Steam Shower

Steam Shower in Los Angeles

Built-in Steam Shower in Los Angeles

Built-in Steam Shower in Los Angeles

Modern Furniture

Although this website is, obviously, focused on steam showers and bathroom design, from time to time we take the opportunity to talk about another subject. At a party I attended recently, I fell in love with a ball chair. I was told by the owner that it was purchased at Very Modern Furniture  ( There isn’t much more to say – check out the chair and I guarantee you’ll love it!