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Steam Showers & Stress

Most of the world’s population will experience some form of stress related health problem in their lifetime, in fact nearly 40% of all physician visits are due to stress related injuries or problems. The psychology behind the term stress refers to the consequence of the failure of an organism to respond appropriately to perceived or actual emotional or physical threats.  The symptoms of stress are often severe and result in mental and physical exhaustion, mood swings, muscle tension, severe and crippling headaches and even elevated heart rates.

Steam showers come highly recommended for their therapeutic stress fighting abilities. Since steam showers cause the bodies basal temperature to elevate, blood circulation is  rapidly increased causing more blood and oxygen to flow freely to the organs resulting in decreased mental and physical tension.

Studies prove that frequent use of steam showers, in small intervals, is beneficial in improving the bodies cardiovascular strength and immune system functions and aid in removing dangerous toxins from the bodies internal organs. The warmth associated with steam showers works to dissipate muscle tension and alleviate mental fatigue and offers a calming atmosphere.

A carefully selected steam shower from a today’s manufacturers offers a unique and relaxing way to melt away the stress of the day – literally. Step into an artistically engineered steam shower and experience the best all natural stress combatant on the market, without the aid of unhealthy prescription drugs.

Newer showers specially designed to massage the body with light pressured steam. The warming qualities of steam increase circulation and improve blood flow to the tissues and internal organs, resulting in an instant feeling of euphoria and muscular tension relief.

Since steam showers cause the body to force out harmful toxins through sweat glands the immune system is pushed into a heightened state of awareness and begins to work immediately to fight off the negative effects of stress.

The relaxing qualities of steam showers are a proven way to combat stress and muscle tension and provide a safe and non toxic way to escape and unwind after a long overtaxed day.


Steam Shower Benefits – Beauty

People have been utilizing steam showers to harness their cosmetic and natural health benefit for many years. While the concept of forcing yourself to sweat may seem unpleasant to some, it is important to understand the exact process that the human body goes through during a steam shower in order to fully understand it’s unique advantages.

Upon entering a steam shower the bodies thermal system begins to experience an increase in body temperature. The human body ideally maintains a temperature of around 98.6 F, systematic increases in room temperature fool the body into thinking it needs to lower it’s core temperature – resulting in increased blood circulation.

Once the body is no longer able to withstand the surrounding external temperature it begins to acclimatize internal temperature causing blood flow to be constricted and forced towards the skins surface – resulting in excessive sweating.

Unlike a conventional water rinse shower, which cleanses dirt from the skins surface, steam showers are specially engineered to remove dirt and impurities from beneath the epidermal layers. The practice of sweating to cleanse the skin works to soften skin by removing dead skin cells but it also helps to clear complexion by forcing toxins from skin pores. Those with acne or imperfection prone skin are able to substantial improvements by a steam showers ability to remove internal dirt and oil, without the use of harsh abrasive or chemicals.

The sporadic increase in basal temperatures, achieved with the use of steam showers, provides a healthful increase in blood circulation.  Medical research dictates that increases in blood circulation result in more oxygen and beneficial nutrients being brought to the skins surface.  Perhaps the most notable benefit of this concept is the enhancement of collagen reproduction, resulting in improved skin elasticity.  Artificial collagen reproduction is a costly and hazardous cosmetic procedure with unstable results. Regular use of steam showers are a proven natural alternative.

Another excellent natural cosmetic benefit of a steam shower is it’s powerful capability of aiding in weightless. When used in conjunction with healthy eating habits and a regular fitness routine, the application of steam is useful in cleansing toxins from internal organs and artificially stimulating metabolic function. When the bodies core temperature rises, the cardiovascular and immune system work to regulate temperatures (the same way it would while running, jogging or performing some sort of fitness routine) this helps the body to increase metabolism while burning calories.

Not only do steam showers offer a safe and natural alternative to many cosmetic skin procedures, they also provide internal cleansing powers resulting in a clean body inside and out.