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Bathroom Remodeling

One thing is certain: everyone loves gorgeous bathroom designs.  I’ve showed pictures of my favorite bathrooms to tons of people over the years, and I’ve never failed to get oohs and ahhs.  Additionally, everyone uses bathrooms.  Since everyone loves gorgeous bathrooms and everyone uses bathrooms, I think that spreading information about affordable bathroom remodeling will make the world a better place.  The first lesson of bathroom remodeling: trust the experts, but only so much.  You’ll want to find pictures of a bathroom you want to emulate, and you’ll want to buy fixtures from reliable companies.  Don’t let a bathroom remodeling firm charge you $50,000 to build a bathroom that has $6,000 in fixtures.  You can find cheap labor on craigslist (make sure they are licensed and bonded, otherwise they have no accountability) to do the majority of the work, and let the experts do bits and pieces.  If you are really rich, feel free to throw money at the problem.  Just know that you are far more likely to end up happy with the end result if you put in some research and legwork yourself.  They key is to have pictures of the bathroom you like before you get going.  Emulating a bathroom design is extremely easy – most of the time, you can buy the exact fixtures in your photograph, and tile that is close, if not exactly the same.

Luxury Bathroom Design

This is a bathroom I particularly like.  Even if this style isn’t up your alley, lets take a look at how you could emulate this without spending a lot.  There are really only a few simple material components to this bathroom: a drop-in bathtub, a nice vanity, a wide/thin mirror, a tiled up steam room, and a ceiling rainshower.  Framing a wall is easy enough, tiling up the framed wall is easy enough.  Buying a glass door for the framed up wall is inexpensive, as is a typical ceiling rain showerhead.  What else is left? sourcing a similar looking mirror, bathtub, and vanity.  If you spend some time on Google, you can easily find all of these items.  If you have the space, there is absolutely no reason that you can’t have an identical bathroom to this one.  The key is starting with the picture.



  Jack Miller wrote @

I gotta say it is ALL about the mosaics. Tiles are key to a nice open soothing bathroom. Remodeled mine with Granite Transformations and I couldnt be happier. After you do that go out and scour for bathroom furniture, not before.

  deborah g wrote @

We want to build a steam/shower room in our home, my husband finds benefit for stress/pain management. We usually pay to use them in spas. Where do we start? Is there a DIY book you recommend, we wil be building it ourselves.

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