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Steam Showers, Skin & Acne

One of the most common questions we get is ‘are steam showers good for my skin?’ or ‘will a steam shower treat acne?’  This is a hard question to answer, because skin and acne are not very well understood and the steam shower offers some obvious benefits (after a steam shower you can actually see the sebum coming out of your pores, and after a week of using a steam shower it becomes obvious that your pores have less gunk in them) with some possible problems (acne is an inflamatory disease, and steam / hot water do tend to irritate the skin).

Anyhow, the folks over at seem to think that steaming is good for your skin only if you don’t have active acne.  If you do have acne, it’s simply not worth the risk of inflaming it.  If you don’t have acne, then enjoy the steam because it will make your skin look even better.  If you are getting ready to do blackhead extractions (and this isn’t really recommended), you’ll most likely find that you do less damage to your skin by steaming before you go to work.


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