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Built-in Steam Shower by Wasauna

Walk-in Steam Shower

Walk-in Steam Shower

Wasauna Steam Shower 

Steam Shower Bathroom

The Siena is a prefabricated, built-in steam shower made by Wasauna.  Prefabricated steam showers offer functionality that is not available (or is simply too expensive) in custom showers.  This is the first prefabricated shower kit we have seen that has the high class/high quality look and feel of a custom tiled in steam shower.  One particularly neat (although not necessarily extremely useful) feature of this shower is the thermostatic water valve.  The shower allows you to digitally set the water temperature, and you will never feel a drop of water that isn’t that temperature.  In other words, the shower doesn’t start spraying water until the water has heated up to the preset temperature.  Other features include a chlorine filter and Vitamin C showerhead for skin beautification.