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Steam Benefits, Studies & General Information

If you are more interested in steam than in steam showers and bathrooms, or you are interested in adding a steam room to your house but aren’t sure exactly what steam is, check out our new article on steam:



eBay Steam Shower Reviews

People keep asking me to review steam showers on eBay.  Well, I’m not going to do it.  Not for now anyway.  I just don’t have enough information, because there are so many sellers.  The only thing I would advise, if you are buying a steam shower on eBay, is this: don’t look at the feedback percentage alone.  Sellers know how to remove negative feedbacks from their ratings, but the comments stay.  They also have tricks like buying tons of $.30 cent items to improve their feedback.  Read the last 200 or so steam shower feedback reviews.  Make sure that customers aren’t angry with shiptimes, support, or the overall quality of the unit.  If a seller on eBay does give you a hard time, be sure to leave them a negative feedback.  It’s a great service to other buyers, and more importantly, once you leave the negative the seller will do just about anything to get you to remove it.