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BuildZoom – General Contractor Review Engine is a general contractor search engine that lets general contractors (bathroom remodelers and steam shower builders included) advertise their services, and homeowners rank/review/find contractors in their area. Hiring a general contractor is tougher than any other service, because it requires the level of trust necessary to let a stranger into your home. BuildZoom provides a level of transparency, which is good. On top of that, it lets you see pictures of the work contractors have performed. Looking for a kitchen remodeler? Hire a company that has built kitchens you like. Rather than look through dozens of websites, BuildZoom puts all the information you need in one easy-to-use site.

Visit them at


House Music in Scottsdale

DollHouse Lounge has opened in the Scottsdale / Phoenix area – an upscale lounge environment built around dancing, house music, and generally having a good time.  You’ll find the staff of Steam Room magazine there on a regular basis!

Teres Nail Bar

Looking for a place to get your nails done in the Scottsdale / Phoenix / Arcadia area? Check out Teres: A Nail Bar. Teres offers the comfort and feel of a high end day spa with a fair pricing model and excellent customer service.

Import Genius – Identify Import Scams is a service built around providing useful data to people involved in the Import / Export industry. With over 50 data sources, their site is the best place I have ever seen for getting a quick understanding of a variety of components of the business.

Their data includes information on virtually every factory in the world. What they have sold, who they have sold it to, how long they have been operating, and more.

When I’m looking for information on companies in the bathroom industry, I check Import Genius. A quick search shows me what companies are increasing their volume, what companies are decreasing their volume, what companies are changing their strategy, and far more. Scams are all over the place in the import industry, so the more information you can get about a factory before you do business with them, the better off you’ll be.

Ask your customs broker – it’s an excellent way to find a new supplier.

Steam Showers, Skin & Acne

One of the most common questions we get is ‘are steam showers good for my skin?’ or ‘will a steam shower treat acne?’  This is a hard question to answer, because skin and acne are not very well understood and the steam shower offers some obvious benefits (after a steam shower you can actually see the sebum coming out of your pores, and after a week of using a steam shower it becomes obvious that your pores have less gunk in them) with some possible problems (acne is an inflamatory disease, and steam / hot water do tend to irritate the skin).

Anyhow, the folks over at seem to think that steaming is good for your skin only if you don’t have active acne.  If you do have acne, it’s simply not worth the risk of inflaming it.  If you don’t have acne, then enjoy the steam because it will make your skin look even better.  If you are getting ready to do blackhead extractions (and this isn’t really recommended), you’ll most likely find that you do less damage to your skin by steaming before you go to work.

Sleeping & Steam Baths

A Warm Bath Makes For Good Nights

A significant portion of society experiences difficulty sleeping, particularly during stressful periods in their lives. Those with arthritis and other conditions that cause pain, backache or discomfort know all to well how difficult it is to get comfortable enough to sleep through the night.

Good sleep habits are an essential element in overall health, as the human body requires sleep to rejuvenate and repair minor damages acquired during the day.

Irregular sleep, or non REM sleep, can lead to any number of health related ailments making the person afflicted more susceptible to injury or illness. There is also a significant relationship between sleep deprivation and impaired cognitive and motor functions, in fact a large number of preventable fatal motor vehicle accidents each year are caused as result of extreme fatigue.

Overused and achy muscles coupled with mental stress are an active ingredient for a sleepless night. Setting aside time each night to unwind and relax are indispensable to ensuring a good nights sleep. There is significant scientific data detailing the correlation between bathing and quality sleep patterns. Relaxing for just 20 minutes at the end of the day in a steam shower, or warm bath, will help to regulate the body’s core temperature and increase blood flow. This not only helps to alleviate overtaxed muscles, but also has a calming effect on the brain providing an overall sensation of tranquility. The warm steamy surrounding aid in improving air passage to the lungs. Slow deep breathing will help to slow the bodies internal functions and let the body know that it is time for rest. After a soak or steam shower the body will experience a drop in temperature as it attempts to level out to that of the surrounding room temperature, this will trick the brain into thinking that it is tired, as the body normally drops in temperature during sleep.

Baths, and steam showers in particular, are notorious for combating stress, sore muscles and breathing and sinus problems, issues that also cause most people to experience a decline in active sleep. By regularly harnessing the calming effects of such luxuries it is possible to overcome mild sleep disorders and temporary bouts of insomnia without the use of chemically derived sleep aids, which only make users feel even more tired in the morning.

Steam Showers & Stress

Most of the world’s population will experience some form of stress related health problem in their lifetime, in fact nearly 40% of all physician visits are due to stress related injuries or problems. The psychology behind the term stress refers to the consequence of the failure of an organism to respond appropriately to perceived or actual emotional or physical threats.  The symptoms of stress are often severe and result in mental and physical exhaustion, mood swings, muscle tension, severe and crippling headaches and even elevated heart rates.

Steam showers come highly recommended for their therapeutic stress fighting abilities. Since steam showers cause the bodies basal temperature to elevate, blood circulation is  rapidly increased causing more blood and oxygen to flow freely to the organs resulting in decreased mental and physical tension.

Studies prove that frequent use of steam showers, in small intervals, is beneficial in improving the bodies cardiovascular strength and immune system functions and aid in removing dangerous toxins from the bodies internal organs. The warmth associated with steam showers works to dissipate muscle tension and alleviate mental fatigue and offers a calming atmosphere.

A carefully selected steam shower from a today’s manufacturers offers a unique and relaxing way to melt away the stress of the day – literally. Step into an artistically engineered steam shower and experience the best all natural stress combatant on the market, without the aid of unhealthy prescription drugs.

Newer showers specially designed to massage the body with light pressured steam. The warming qualities of steam increase circulation and improve blood flow to the tissues and internal organs, resulting in an instant feeling of euphoria and muscular tension relief.

Since steam showers cause the body to force out harmful toxins through sweat glands the immune system is pushed into a heightened state of awareness and begins to work immediately to fight off the negative effects of stress.

The relaxing qualities of steam showers are a proven way to combat stress and muscle tension and provide a safe and non toxic way to escape and unwind after a long overtaxed day.